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BBDO ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / NIKE / 2011

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We developed a video of the idea and and posted it on so every participant who entered the site had a chance to sign up for the race. They could enter at to challenge their followers and those who are followed, as well as other tweeter users.People who didn`t run in the 10k could also be part of the experience, together with their friends and contacts in Twitter, by sending videos with personalized messages integrated with Google maps that showed geographic positions of the challenger with those of the challenged (who is or isn’t being followed).When finishing the race, the times were posted, so you could really see who were the followers and who are followed, or not, in Twitter as well as the real world. We also developed a NIKE Twitter display that showed these results in a unique and funny way.


In only 3 weeks there were 70,000 visits and over 1,300 registered users sent videos to more than 160,000 followers (10,000 people ran the Nike 10k).

More than 3,000 tweets talked about the inter Twitter race.

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