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NIKE RISE 2.0 – Coach of Coaches

AKQA, London / NIKE / 2016


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Young ballers in China have very little access to any kind of formal training, and the overall standard of coaching is low for most. They think structured training is only for the elite and don’t believe their game will improve, even if they do train.

Our idea was to prove to them that actually working at their game will make it better. We needed to prove to them that training does yield results. We also wanted to do it in such a spectacular way that we would inspire players everywhere to go out, pick up a ball and start making their game better.

Our solution had to be authentic to basketball coaching, it had to be rooted in the sport, and it had to be focused on enhancing the performance of those that used it.


We created the world’s most advanced basketball coaching tool.

The tool is a fully connected training ecosystem: A simple, intuitive coaching app, incredibly accurate tracking and fully reactive LED court.

Players are automatically tracked, monitored and assessed on court, delivering immediate feedback to coaches, helping them improve players’ games. The system learns from players’ performances, and highlights to coaches which areas need improvement.

Coaches use the touchscreen interface and bespoke library of icons to custom create or edit drills, instantly publishing them to court with a swipe. They are able to uniquely tune an infinite number of drills for individual teams, players or skills. The system allows coaches to track up to 30 players simultaneously, as it monitors their stats and data, creating a profile of strengths and weaknesses.

The tool also allows coaches to annotate directly to court, immediately demonstrating plays beneath the feet of players, meaning players learn, refine and perfect their games at an exponential rate. It totally changes the way a coach is able to mentor a team, speeding the learning progress, demonstrating exactly what players need to adjust, and giving coaches an invaluable bank of player data and information.

Players were trained using the system for several weeks, their progress broadcast as part of an episodic show watched by millions across China. It demonstrated the effectiveness of the training, the gains and the improvements made. The tool also doubled as the centerpiece of several live shows, featuring Nike athletes. An audience of thousands witnessed the power of the coaching system over a series of nights in Shanghai as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James put 30 Regular Chinese kids through their paces on court.

The tool fundamentally changes the way coaches teach the sport, allowing them to improve the game of any player at any level.

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