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AKQA, London / NIKE / 2008







After six hugely successful years, Run London had earned a place in the hearts of 30-something occasional runners in London. In 2007, Nike wanted a brand new running city attack that would get young London excited about running. Supersonic invited London's youth to prove their speed in a series of three 100m trials across London to earn tickets for themselves and two mates to the ultimate mix of running and music: a 1K floodlit race through Battersea Park culminating in an instant after party, featuring live performances from Dizzee Rascal and The Enemy.


First, a teaser video and music track were seeded across community networks. Next Speed trial recruitment kicked in via retail, targeted print, street teams in Supersonic-branded Lamborghinis, radio, email and SMS. Each speed trial featured live DJs, free race shirts and Nike athlete appearances. Runners' times were broadcast to an onsite, MySpace-linked Jumbotron leaderboard. The final saw 1,000 runners, fuelled by live DJs, race a floodlit 1K track into a music arena to live performances from Dizzee Rascal and The Enemy. The fastest man and woman won three tickets each to any worldwide sporting event.

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