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Nike+ Trial Zone

AKQA, San Francisco / NIKE / 2017


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Data Insights: Real-time data means real-time performance feedback, giving sales staff the ability to speak to fit and feel between strides of a run or seconds after a pivot, cut, or drive. Nike uses real-time data to allow a first run or workout to happen in-store. Going beyond fitting the right size, to helping consumers understand how the right shoe on their feet helps them reach their full potential.

Innovation: The first of its kind, Trial Zone starts where a normal shoe purchase ends—at the product wall. You select two or more shoe options and get added to the digital queue through a custom controller app connected to Nike+ member data, allowing personalization every step of the way. Entering Trial Zone, you pick an activity to match your skill level and are greeted with your name, shoe, and location. All action is captured real-time through cameras and motion sensors to give instant feedback on the spot. Expert sales staff use data to confirm a shoe’s performance or suggest an option to better serve your goals.

Originality: A custom, scalable platform, built from prototype to variable store footprints, Trial Zone brings true-to-sport training experiences to stores around the globe.


Implementation: Real-time data brings Nike product innovation to life for consumers in tangible and memorable ways. Data pulled from their experience builds muscle memory as to to how the perfect shoe should feel at different points of a run or workout.

Timeline: From prototype to completion, a year in the making. Briefed 2015. Launched Holiday 2016/2017.

Placement: Built to serve as the crown jewel of each store from prototype to variable store footprints, Trial Zone is a scalable platform that brings true-to-sport training environments to store locations around the world. Existing to mine real-time performance data and recommend the perfect shoe on the spot.

Scale: Driven by a global game engine, each store simply uploads drills, experiences and campaigns based off shoe releases and consumer skill levels. All managed in-store by a series of custom iPad controllers – connecting to consumer Nike+ data for the utmost level of personalization.


Consumer Experience: In the first week alone, thousands of consumers lined up to go though Nike+ Trial Zone experiences around the world. Time spent in Trial Zone experiences ranged from 10 minutes to as long as 1/2 hour with an all-questions-answered approach devoted to ensuring 100% confidence in every purchase. (To this point, exact numbers relating to response rate, foot traffic, and sales are proprietary with Nike.)

“Great to see everyday athletes getting the same personalized treatment I’ve enjoyed from Nike.”

- Serena Williams, Tennis Champion

Behavior Change / Business Impact: In a world where more and more people are buying online, Nike has provided a service that can only be found at retail. Consumers can now trial shoes in a way they’ve never done before. Making a purchase with the touch of a button, through their Nike+ app.

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