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DUKE, Paris / NISSAN / 2005

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Context: Nissan has set up a unique sponsoring agreement with Sky One to own Sunday nights on Sky One ("24", "Nip/Tuck", "Dream Team"). Content will feature Nissan Murano, 350Z Roadster, Pathfinder and Navara. Each week, Nissan will run one minute of the Original Drama film in 15 and 5-second clips.

Objectives: To challenge users perception of Nissan through the SHIFT_ original drama filter on the Internet by delivering a thrilling, inspiring and unique experience; and to connect with the targeted ‘early professionals’ audience.

Creative idea: "the original drama blog" - a site that offers a way to extend the experience beyond the series airtime; that calls to actions online: drives users through to appropriate Nissan vehicle sites, to order test-drives and find their nearest dealer.

Signature: SHIFT_original Drama,

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