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Rather than solely driving consumers to an owned and operated web destination, JPMorgan Chase sought to create a new channel dedicated to reaching consumers on the social channels where they live. The result was NowThis Money -- a new personal finance and economic literacy channel for millennials on Facebook and Instagram.

After evaluating leading trends in the financial sector, and cross-referencing with key learnings from previously successful NowThis content verticals, NowThis worked with Chase to establish an educational and conversational approach to the real issues surrounding money, debt, saving, investing, career hustle, entrepreneurship and how millennials fit into the overall economy. An organic relationship was formed between Chase’s industry leading financial research and NowThis’ unmatched expertise distributing meaningful content on social media.


NowThis and Chase mutually decided upon goals for the partnership based on a shared desire to demystify finance and money for consumers and get them ready for key life stages. In order to do this, several key content buckets were created to ensure content was effective for both the Chase consumer while adhering to NowThis’ leading, cross-platform, social-first approach.

Throughout the course of the ongoing partnership, Chase and NowThis are creating over 300 co-branded videos across various JPMC lines of business including, but not limited to, Chase Employer Brand, Slate Credit Card, Chase Pay, Commercial Bank, Auto Finance, Sapphire Credit Card, and Chase Mortgage.


NowThis’ social content creation prowess in conjunction with Chase’s vast financial insight and credibility helped make NowThis Money NowThis’ fastest growing channel ever with:

-75MM monthly video views

-153MM monthly impressions

-2MM social engagements

-7,000+ hours of NowThis Money content consumed

-Increase of 50K+ followers per month since launching, with nearly 550K followers across the NowThis Money Facebook and Instagram channels.

NowThis Money continues to see month over month increases in engagement and shares, reinforcing NowThis as not only experts in social news, but financial media innovators.

This success proves that if you want to use branded content to make your product relevant and appealing to consumers, speak to them in a voice that is accessible, reflects their identity, and addresses their challenges or concerns. NowThis -- a news brand for young people by young people -- effectively drove real business results amongst millennials A18-34 for Chase with NowThis Money.

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