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Today, paradise as we know it is at risk of becoming extinct. Our oceans are drowning in plastic, with a staggering eight million metric tons of plastic waste dumped into the sea each year.

As a brand synonymous with the beach, Corona is committed to protecting paradise. But right now, most of the world doesn’t know that marine plastic pollution is a global issue, which affects us all.

To get people to care, Corona briefed us to raise global awareness of the issue and

change the public’s perception of paradise from: idyllic to endangered.

Reflecting the scale of the issue, our brief was a global campaign, focusing specifically on seven key markets: (Australia, Colombia, Chile. Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, United Kingdom).


Every element and asset of the campaign was designed to change people’s perceptions and raise awareness for marine plastic pollution.

It was key for our campaign to appeal to many different types of consumers, similar to how plastic pollution faces everyone, everywhere. Utilizing multiple platforms, we were able to generate global earned media and maximize the campaign’s reach to target a global audience - everyone from surfers and beach-goers, to city dwellers and the fashion world.

Furthermore, it was also an opportunity to educate consumers on Corona's ongoing partnership with Parley For Oceans and commitment to protect 100 islands across the world by 2020.


In the week leading up to World Oceans Day, we started the conversation by hijacking Corona’s OOH and DOOH - swapping the brand’s familiar images of paradise for beaches blighted by plastic, and added a thought-provoking question mark to the brand’s global tagline ‘This is Living’. The hijack continued on Corona’s Instagram, and featured only images of paradise’s true polluted state.

In key global cities, we created large attention-grabbing installations in high foot traffic areas. At first these resembled typical Corona billboards, but over a few days were transformed into gigantic ‘Waves-of-Wastes’ built from real oceans plastic.

We also redesigned the classic Hawaiian Shirt pattern, including plastic into the design. Made using upcycled plastic, the limited-edition shirt was available online, with proceeds donated to Parley for the Oceans. Our influencers wore it during the evening news, shared it on their social channels, and used it to broadcast the WSL competition.


Corona was the most talked about brand during Oceans Week. The campaign garnered 2.69 billion earned media impressions, increased total brand mentions by 13%, and drove 44% of #100islandsprotected lifetime usage.

The campaign instigated front-page, agenda setting news and made it to national TV and newspapers in key markets: Australia (The Australian, News.Au), UK (Sky News, Evening Standard), Colombia and Ecuador (La Republica, El Tiempo), Dominican Republic (Chevere Nights).

Globally, over 200 influencers shared our content and generated 30 million social impressions.

Our limited-edition Paradise? Shirt sold out in a couple of days and was featured in media coverage all over the world.

In Chile, mayor Evelyn Matthei gave her endorsement to the Corona X Parley partnership, following national coverage of the wave of waste.

All of this working to achieve our aim of highlighting the issue of marine plastic pollution across the globe.

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