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RAISON PURE, New York / DIAGEO / 2013

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John Walker & Sons Odyssey is an innovative and intricate product aimed at further elevating the perception of the Johnnie Walker trademark in the Asian luxury market today. Working beyond the concerns of price, We were asked to celebrate the vision and enduring entrepreneurial spirit of Sir Alexander Walker. In doing so, we needed to be mindful of the brand’s legacy and values, leveraging both factors to celebrate the larger experience embodied by the Odyssey blend and story.


We designed an exquisite, modern decanter using Sir Alexander Walker's original 1932 blend as inspiration. Sensuous and dynamic, the design captures the motion and emotion of the bottles carried aboard luxurious sea liners in the 1930s. When gently pushed, the bottle swings elegantly to and fro, mimicking the rollicking motion of the sea. Inside the cabinet, the bottle is suspended for fluid 360-degree rotation. When at rest, it always points upwards — paying homage to the steadfast and progressive direction of Sir Alexander Walker. Hidden behind the bottle is an elegant suede booklet, which tells the Odyssey story.


John Walker & Sons Odyssey was launched in APAC in September 2012 via the John Walker & Sons Voyager yacht. Now widely available in Duty Free, Odyssey has elevated perceptions of the entire Johnnie Walker portfolio, and garnered the brand an immense amount of PR in luxury magazines, online, and in newspapers chronicling the yacht’s local stops.

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