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NOVA CONTEUDO, Salvador / AMBEV / 2012






According to Branded Entertainment Marketing Forecast, the market of Branded Content moved over R$493m in Brazil in 2007, and there is an expectation of growing of 60%. In this market, the production of relevant content is primordial to reach the new kind of audience that nowadays is impacted with over 3,000 publicity messages every day.

The North East of Brazil, especially Bahia state, is a berth of cultural production, with a high presence of music in its manifestations. This a highly favourable scene to the development of branded content actions that, from one side, generates an audience to the sponsors’ brand and, on the other side, helps to make feasible artistic and cultural projects, creating a virtuous circle of interaction between brands and community.

Actions of great repercussion on the internet, for instance, are crucial to develop new talents resulting in a big move to the local economies. Even better, foments the instruction of professionals and the raise of the support services industry.There are still rare initiatives that take use of this productive chain in the North East region. That’s why the importance of YouTube/Carnaval, which shows to the world one of the most important popular manifestations from Brazil, the Salvador’s carnival.


The YouTube/Carnaval is linked to the biggest Brazilian passion, the carnival. Attracting audience by the following strategies:1.Participation of Brazilian mainstream artists.2.Different formats of content, like the making of video clips with cinema aesthetics, language and unused musical interaction.3.Transmission in full HD.4.Social media viral work.One month before the carnival, a full concert from the ‘Asa de Aguia’ band was shown live, together with video clips of top carnival 2012 summer hits and its choreographies, and 2 live interviews with main carnival artists.All these initiatives resulted in an attractive material of extreme quality.


Besides the client’s satisfaction, incredible numbers have shown how much all the objectives were achieved and how the project YouTube/Carnaval offers distinguished spaces to sponsors brands to show their content.Throughout the 6 days of live transmission, over 200 countries and 15,000 cities were impacted. The portal (the correct URL is has had at the moment over 20m views and got over 35,000 signers. Only the exclusive videos from SKOL, allocated at the portal, have achieved over 650,000 views.

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