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Old Spice Re-invention

PROCTER & GAMBLE, Weybridge / OLD SPICE / 2023

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Old Spice has a strong heritage as a brand from the 1930s, which became famous for its irreverent and iconic advertising. However, being remembered for past advertising has led to a perception of the brand being “old fashioned” and offering “scents for my Dad/Grandad”.

The brand set out on a mission to modernise its marketing strategy, driving awareness and consideration amongst Generation Z by highlighting Old Spice’s superior odour protection and cologne quality scent. However, the campaign still needed to resonate with an older generation of men who currently buy.

Outdoor advertising was selected to drive reach, contextual relevancy and talkability amongst this broad audience. Public transport (buses, trains and the underground) was identified as a key moment where consumers become hot and bothered, sweaty and smelly, offering the perfect opportunity to communicate Old Spice’s superior scent and protection – all delivered with its unique tongue-in-cheek tone.


Including five creatives with a combined 780 placements across the UK, the campaign reached approximately 3.5 million men aged 18+. In focal cities London, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, it reached approximately 71% of men aged 18+.

The campaign delivered an ad recall of 62% (vs 52% benchmark) and consideration of +45% (vs +39% benchmark)*.

It also drove call to action with 85% of the recalled group having gone on to smell Old Spice in a shop or buy a deodorant*.

The tongue-in-cheek creatives shifted brand perceptions with a +51% uplift in positive impressions, a +52% uplift in consumers seeing the brand as “something I want to try” and a +45% uplift in consumers saying it is a “cool & modern brand”*.

There was also a +122% uplift in Old Spice being seen as a deodorant that has long-lasting, great scent*.

Campaign Effectiveness Research, 400 UK men aged 16-34, April 2023

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