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Omedetou: Congratulations to all the miracles


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An estimated 70% of Preemie moms in Japan are not told "Congratulations" right after their delivery.

It is common for fathers to worry about the life of their baby before congratulating them when they see their surprisingly small baby.

Not only that, but it is common that friends and family will only offer words of sympathy rather than congratulations.

As a brand that has a wide range of products for newborns, including for premature babies, Pampers wanted to address this situation. Carefully inserting the brand into a very special moment.

With this idea, Pampers has created both--an opportunity for new fathers to say the words that haven't been said: Omedetou (congratulations!)-- while at the same opening an honest dialogue with our consumers about it.


In one word: OMEDETOU! [Japanese for: Congratulations!]

In many words: It is the cultural norm in Japan for the husband to show restraint and keep from saying anything when the premature baby is born.

This adds to the hardship of the mother. Who has to navigate this very delicate moment in her life in silence.

This idea bridges mother and father. It reconnects them and gives a platform for fathers to acknowledge that they have been absent. That words needed to be said.

With a very intimate portrayal of these couples, this idea invites the audience to be in the same room and experience a cultural behavior that has been part of Japan for too long.


How to open this dialogue that has for a very long time been silenced in Japan?

Give the audience a front row seat to watch these conversations.

Because if these conversations aren't happening in people's homes, let's bring them to their living rooms.

And by launching it on World Prematurity day, the idea came to life at the very calendar date when the brand's consumer's awareness about the subject is at its peak.

And finally, a strategy that was thought out of the need to not only talk, but do.

By donating diapers to premature babies in NICU with every purchase of Pampers made for premature babies, the brand showed that care comes in many forms.


After a very long silence. Years, decades. A 30 second film would never be long enough.

Not even a 60 second.

To break a long silence, a much longer format was needed.

In this case a 3 minute and 35 seconds feature was created.

With an intimate format, following the lives of newly formed families that had their newborn in NICU, this film touched on this matter in a way that allowed the topic to be raised without rejection.

With very positive reception and organic impressions following the brand's initial placement.

In the end, at a time when the fragmented media in Japan rarely has films longer that 15' and 30', a 3 minute and 35 second conversation was the answer to finally be able to say the word that mother have longed to hear: Omedetou! (Congratulations!).


34+ million impressions is great.

98% positive sentiment for the brand is also amazing.

All the diapers donated to NICU with every purchase, also results that exceed benchmarks.

But, the most important one is the very title of this idea: OMEDETOU!

To see this word being spoken out loud is the biggest result of all.

The reactions captured in the video are subtle but powerful.

They are contained but clearly mean the world to these women.

If this idea helps continue this dialogue moving forward, this is the result we want.

Omedetou being said out loud from the very first moment.

It can change a lot. And for a mother that just had a premature baby, it can mean the world.

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