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Once You See It

&Co. / NoA, Copenhagen / VELUX / 2023







Roof windows are often overlooked in the home improvement category — deemed too marginal to consider, too expensive or too complex to install. That’s why VELUX set out to shine a light on the immense impact roof windows have in transforming a space.

As roof window installation isn’t traditionally a DIY project we needed to strike an emotional angle with a global insight that could activate not only the end consumer – but equally important – contractors and certified installers as well.


In the film we meet five characters who are all caught in time. They’re dreamingly gazing at a seemingly blank spot in their ceiling. At first it seems bizarre – what at they looking at? But slowly we shift into their vision and experience their epiphanic moment. Daylight streams in through a VELUX roof window illuminating the entire space and changing our character’s state of mind.

We leave our main characters still lingering in their imagination and nudge the viewer to look around their own spaces. They might see something they can’t unsee.


The campaign is still running, so it is not possible to provide any hard business metrics yet. However, a valuable result is that we have managed to create a concept and a campaign for VELUX Global that all regions across Europe have bought into and localised for launch in the respective markets. This will enable VELUX Global to orchestrate a consistent and continuous presence across Europe - increasing the desire for VELUX roof windows.

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Velux 'Once You See It, You Can't Unsee It' - Mike Warzin. Arts & Sciences. &Co.


Velux 'Once You See It, You Can't Unsee It' - Mike Warzin. Arts & Sciences. &Co.

2023, VELUX

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