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At the heart of the VELUX business is the Model Company Objective. A set of values on which the company was founded. The objective urges them to always do better than most other companies – through the products they develop and through the way they do business. In short: Doing well while doing good.

Doing more than most also applies to the SDG’s, so the brief was to create awareness about a totally new approach to fighting climate change with the objective to get employees on board and inspire other companies to follow in our footsteps.


“Lifetime Carbon Capture” was an approach to climate change that was born from the very values that VELUX was founded on: To do more than most, and to do good.

To not only talk about future carbon emissions, but first and foremost taking care of the historical scar we have left on mother earth.

To convey the importance of this ambitious initiative David Briggs the CEO of VELUX Group and a representative of WWF were cast in a film to visualize the partnership and to sign the historical contract deep inside of nature. And then provide competitors and other companies with the system to do the same.


By gathering data and creating calculation methods that did not exist VELUX has been able to determine the total CO2 they have emitted since their foundation. This has taken more than 2 years to complete. Then VELUX and WWF found a partnership in taking on the task of saving the future by cleaning up the past. This task has begun already in different areas around the world. But an even more important task is to get more companies to join in. To see the urgent need for more action. To see there’s a way to do more. Together with WWF and VELUX we created a story to make this project come alive and to inspire, because obviously it’s something we need to do together.


VELUX and WWF are working with local communities around the world to preserve original, old rainforest. Because that will have an immediate and much bigger impact than planting new trees. The trees are more than 100 years old, and capable of absorbing massive amounts of CO2, right away. And the wildlife will also prosper from this. A tiger can’t live in a newly planted forest. The forest projects will conserve and restore forest that covers an estimated 200,000 Ha of high biodiversity value tropical forests. It’s landscape scale climate change.

The task means providing the locals with new ways of making money instead of cutting down precious forest to make a living. This includes helping them with tourism and alternative agricultural methods. But there’s no one-size-fits-all to this plan. Because every new territory is different. And this is where WWF is really drawing from all of their experience.

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