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ONE GREEN BEAN, Sydney / VIRGIN / 2016


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But while customers remain as data hungry as ever, telcos have found a new way to gain the competitive edge – content – and they’re forming alliances to give customers access to everything from music to sport. It’s in this landscape that Virgin Mobile partnered with global music streaming service, Guvera.

Virgin Mobile knew Australians were open to streaming music through their mobile but were worried about the data it used. So to celebrate the Guvera partnership, they decided to offer an additional 1GB of data every month to customers using Guvera, giving people the freedom to stream until their heart’s content.

They needed a campaign idea that would get Australians excited about the offer, driving customer acquisition and reducing churn. To ease data fear, the 1GB offer had to be at the heart of our communications.


We launched the campaign with a 2-minute video with Reggie, teasing the track’s release. We also created filmed 30” and 15” content pieces with Reggie to drive the 1GB data offer even harder.

For the track Reggie and his music producer turned the hundreds upon hundreds of town names into specific sound clips and then created multiple tracks with different effects for each one, which they layered and randomised. So no looping. And not a single hour where you hear the same thing twice.

We conducted consumer research into how ‘Datafraid’ Aussies were and used the teaser video as an asset for PR to drive momentum before the track launch.

We then brought Reggie to Australia to launch the track via a press tour. He riffed with some of Australia’s biggest entertainment journalists, driving the ONE B1G GIG message in a relevant and entertaining way.

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