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ADAM&EVEDDB, London / VIRGIN / 2017

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On average, Brits spend 19 hours a week dreaming of what we would like to do “One Day”. We tweet our dreams; “One day, I’ll go swimming with sharks”. We wanted to find a way for Virgin Atlantic to make these dreams a reality. We searched through “One Day” Tweets from the last five years, and launched a race to get the winners to claim their Tweet, and crucially, their prize.


Beginning at 7am, we displayed that day’s Tweet on OOH sites throughout London. The creative took the Tweet and displayed it over treated, contextually relevant footage, and asked the individual in question to get in touch with us to help make their ‘One Day’ happen.

If the users hadn’t got in touch later in the day, we updated the creative to incite some excitement and urgency, letting them, and everyone watching, know that time was running out. When the Tweet was eventually claimed (as all were), we updated the creative to a congratulatory message and hinted towards more to come. This was reflected in promoted posts across social.

In terms of scale, we spent just short of £175K across a variety of OOH placements and social, predominantly twitter.

The OOH ran from 16th May until 19th May 2016. The Social ran from 14th May until 22nd May.


Not only did the campaign create a frenzy of fast spreading social excitement, as friends of friends saw the posters and immediately shared, but also the real-time 24 hour claim period ensured a disproportionate level of interest for the posters themselves.

• Over 19,000 website page views

• Overall campaign reach 12 million

• One Day video views over 700,000

• #oneday 6th overall for Twitter campaigns in May 2016

• 6.5 million impressions across OOH. 11 million impressions across social.

H&P brand tracking YOY shows 5% increase in consideration and 3% increase in brand awareness. All of the Claim Your Tweet ads performed strongly in driving very high levels of Persuasion (making people interested in flying with VAA) as well as driving home the “inspirational” credentials of the VAA brand.

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