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OneNote - Learning Tools

PANAY FILMS, Los Angeles / MICROSOFT / 2018

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We learned of one classroom that was using a beta version of the software. So we documented their experiences, as well as that of their teachers, and created a campaign showcasing the students’ struggles and successes. The kids became our heroes. And by sharing their inspiring stories - and targeting specific mediums and audiences - we would show that our technology could change lives.


We crafted the campaign with a simple, but powerful story arc: Struggle, success and joy. We aired a launch spot that reminded people of the impact of dyslexia on children's learning, showed their frustration, and the joyous impact of the One Note Learning Tools software. Not only did we show them reading better, we showed them growing more confident with every word. We went heavy on social content, with custom executions for different channels, including a flexible Facebook Mobile carousel that highlighted our most compelling kids' stories in bite size units. For YouTube, we created a longer, documentary-style film featuring teachers' perspectives on the challenges and joy of seeing a child's reading improve. At every level, we integrated clear product demonstrations and both academic and emotional impact.


We received over 10 million views on social media, where engagement rates were high and overall sentiment was 87% positive. On Facebook alone, we exceeded engagement benchmarks by 60% and saw share rates 19x higher than average. In the end, the campaign earned a 48% recognition rate, while receiving powerful comments and praise across our social channels, with people genuinely touched and seeing Microsoft in an even more positive light.

Most importantly, the efforts of the combined marketing campaign resulted in a 400% increase in downloads of the software. That means more educators, parents and students having access to this life-changing tool. And ultimately, more kids having the confidence and skills to be their very best selves.

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