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For sharing the loneliest emojis loneliness we launched a campaign on Valentine Day which’s most talkable topic is love. So we decided to share, lonliness of the least used emoji on Twitter, and turned’s data into emotions. The least used emoji in the World on twitter is the ‘Baggage Claim’ which really suits the brand. Than we took that and invited everyone to ‘’ to save it from its loneliness on Valentine’s Day just by tweeting it. This is the World’s first digital campaign used a real time emoji usage data on Twitter.


We invited everyone to share baggage claim emojis’s loneliness with targeted ads. People Tweeted Baggage Claim Emoji via our website, or they just used the hashtag. And they shared its loneliness Tweet by Tweet, in three days before the Valentine's Day. Amongst all the Valentine’s Day projects in Turkey, The Loneliest Emoji created the biggest impact with the lowest budget.


In four days more than 15.000 Tweets Tweeted. #TheLoneLiest Emoji became number 1 on Trending Topics organically in Turkey. And it stayed for 7 hours on the list. Campaign reached more than 3.700.000 people.

During the same 4 days, campaign landing page was visited by more than 22.000 unique visitors with 0 advertising directly promoting website. For 1.6 million seconds, visitors spent on the website to make “Baggage Claim” emoji to forget its loneliness.

Who would’ve also though a simple campaign could bring ticket sales. Thanks to all the hype, Onur Air’s online ticket sales increased %16 during the campaign period with respect to previos year.

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