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LA DESPENSA, Madrid / OPEL / 2013

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A study conducted by Opel demonstrated that people in Spain are addicted to the Internet. Opel, through the creation of the OAII (Organization to Aid Internet Addicts), offered discounts to help people overcome their addiction. The bigger the addiction, the bigger the discount you got on the purchase of an Opel Mokka to help you live more in the real world. In other words: more fresh air and less Internet.

On their website (, you could take a test that measured the level of your addiction and print a coupon to exchange for a discount at Opel dealerships.


The study conducted showed many statistics that didn't leave the media indifferent. For a promotion, a reflexion like this one, resulted in a enormous interest by the media and the subsequent coverage and repercussions. Opel opened up the debate: Who doesn’t feel a bit addicted to the Internet?

Being able to fight against this addiction with a test and an original promotion in the middle of a recession-struck country brought us closer to a new target, and resulted in more than 20,000 leads, 500 clips, 4.2m audience, 1:30 in duration, with a total €742,000 of free publicity in two weeks.

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