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Opel Puts Adam on the Dating Scene

CARAT, Johannesburg / GENERAL MOTORS / 2016

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Insight & Idea – to convince our target audience to not buy a MINI we needed the media strategy to showcase all the personalities of the quirky Opel Adam. We needed to break through, find virgin media space and create native messaging so our Hipster consumers weren’t turned off. Our consumers are unique, so is the Adam and so our media needed to be too.


Tinder, a dating app, is popular among young South African hipsters and had never taken advertising (exactly what we were looking for, a virgin space). Tinder users typically spend over an hour every day on the app, flicking through profiles so this was a great place to grab attention fast. Profile Cards and Video placements for the personality of each Adam variant were deployed using copy made bespoke for this environment. Adam was looking for people to get to know him better in an environment made for exactly that. When a user swiped right on the model of their choice they were given more information about the car and linked with a dealer for a “date” (test drive) with Adam.


• Our hard to engage audience were clearly excited to see us. Engagement rates on Tinder: 5% “Swipes Right” vs a benchmark of 0.2% CTR for Opel Adam in the previous Adam launch campaign = a 2,500% improvement in performance.

• 2,122 Speed Daters at the 5FM Love Sucks event got to know Adam in real life

• The Adam is a great car so these converted to an increase in sales by 65%, smashing our 20% target during campaign period

• Campaign ROI of Sales Revenue : Media Spend = 8:1.

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