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HAPPINESS SAIGON, Ho Chi Minh City / AIA / 2017

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To save lives and make sure we increase the chance of help arriving on time in case of an accident or another emergency we created the app ‘Open AIYA’. (cultural notice: AIYA is the Vietnamese word for Ouch! Darn! Help! All in one) The app works as a voice activated panic system. So for the first time ever a person can now call for help even if they can no longer reach for their phone.

So whenever you find yourself in danger, you simply shout: “Hey Siri, Open AIYA.”

The app will then automatically jump to the rescue. It will send an SMS and warn your family, friends and emergency services. And it will also automatically transmit your exact GPS location to all of them. No buttons to push. No apps to open. Just your voice and a shout for help.


AIA insurance company first launched the app “Open AIYA” in april via an emailing to their customer base. In May it will be amplified by a social media campaign mostly targeting those aged between 15 and 29 years old since traffic accidents are the highest cause of death in that age group. It will also be offered as part of their short term insurance packages.

Technology: Recently Apple has improved Siri on iPhone 6s and later models. The improvement allows the users to activate any app, via Siri, by voice whenever they want. Vietnam has at about 40 million smartphone users, of which 10 million use IOS.


AIA Insurance Vietnam brought the ‘Open Aiya’ app to market end of april with an ambitious KPI of 400.000 downloads by end of 2017 (which is 10% of their client base). It’s way too soon to know if we will meet the KPI’s but 24h after it’s launch it’s been downloaded over 1000 times and already used 27 times, potentially saving 27 lives. Helping the government’s ambition to reduce the number of fatalities by 20% in the next 2 years. Because of the instant success of the app in IOS, ‘Open Aiya’ is now also being developed for the Android Voice assistants.

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