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The challenge was to integrate the brand campaign developing an event already done in other countries, with a pre-existent structure in terms of installation that had to be moved from Germany to Italy. The request was to find the perfect place suitable for the target -mainly composed by business people- that could host a structure made of a big screen and two airplane seats. Together with it we had to think to an OOH campaign to support the activity. The objective was to engage the target and to communicate the brand message, involving new potential clients and increasing the brand-awareness and to promote travel as a source of inspiration and personal enrichment.


We chose Central Station in Milan, in the area before the train tracks, a sheltered area - we had to find a covered zone to protect the structure from weathering- where only people with valid train ticket can enter and where they generally wait and have the time to take part to an activity. It was the perfect place to meet people suitable to our target – business people who often travel-. Furthermore, the area had the perfect light during all day to maximize the screen’s performances and to accentuate the structure. All the station was “dressed” with OOH motifs, that brought people from the entrance to the tracks with open questions than everyone can answer their own way, based on their unique experience. Each one was positioned strategically around the station fitted in the different levels, for each placement an ad-hoc motif was developed.


Data about the attendance was gathered by the machine that delivered the video. At the end of the “game” hostess with i-pads invited the participants to subscribe to an on-line contest that was on-air during the campaign period. The core target of the brand is made up of business people who often travel, especially for work (by train, airplane etc.) and who enjoy discovering new places, so the Station was a perfect place to engage them. The call to action was through OOH domination around the station with both campaign motifs and personalized ones that invited people to go to the platform where the Open Seats where placed to discover “why do you love the word”.


The Open Seats were on-air for 10 days. People could seat on real Lufthansa airplane’s seats, thanks to the help of hostess could enjoy different interactive games after the choice of a destination (Shanghai, Mumbai, NYC). With augmented reality each person was projected in the city and their moves were brought to the screen. For each city there was a specific activity linked to the city mood and traditions. Once the game ended, every person received a printed photo together with a branded shopper and was invited to participate to a contest online. It had a great success – in some moments people waited in line to participate. The installation was aired during the brand campaign and integrated with OOH elements. We had a lot of digital placements both vertical and horizontal with impactful and emotional motifs very colorful that stand out across the station.


1.128 visits -one of the best results across the countries- in 10 days, most of the people also participated to the online contest. Everyone who took part to the activity was very happy and enthusiast with it.

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