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20 years ago, supermarket chain E. Leclerc started organizing a national clean up, mobilizing volunteers to clear up their local woods, fields, rivers and meadows. The enthusiasm was huge, up to 500'000 volunteers show up every year, collecting tons and tons of waste. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, we thought it was time to remind people why we are doing this. A part from the obvious reasons, this is also France, the country who's landscapes and light has inspired artists from over the world. Impressionism is born out of the beauty and the light of french nature. Van Gogh drew a lifetime of inspiration from it. So we organized an expo in 3 metro stations in Paris, with iconic works, in a soiled version. We worked with a top copyist to get as close to the originals as possible. Every work had a small explanation, like in a real museum.


In order to shift the public's view of the operation, to engage beyond school audiences, and to find a stronger echo in the national media, the agency created an activation that gives a major role to visual content to encourage TVs to film & broadcast, medias and people to take pictures and share them, especially on social networks. Our response was thus directed towards an IRL activation (in real life) which was an alibi for PR & social media communication. We imagined a "cultural object" in its own right to celebrate this anniversary, and created the unique Collection Clean Up Nature. A collection that used all traditional codes of cultural objects : an exhibition, artworks, a tycoon, a catalog) to reach out new targets and audiences, beyond environment specialists.


We worked on an activation that mixes earned & paid media

- Paid media to ensure maximum visibility with a campaign displayed in 4 tube stations for a week to present the exhibition, a relay of the media campaign in the national & local medias-

We have imagined, in the manner of major exhibitions in Paris, a poster, an introductory statement to support the understanding of artworks and educational tags for each work.

These tags tell the lifespan of each type of waste in nature, and recall the good gestures to preserve the environment

- Earned media, via a PR campaign, with a large media outreach and a good penetration in key opinion leader medias and qualitative talks with journalists.

An activation campaign on social networks in paid & community management to give access to works to the greatest number, capitalizing on the immersive features offered by Facebook


A wide visibility overall:

• metro display campaign - full platform in 4 stations - which reached 5.6 million users

• media campaign which reached 42 million people aged 15 and over (22 million unique contacts)

• social media campaign (CM + media) - 11.5 million impressions and 5.2 million unique contacts for people aged 15 and over

In PR, we succeeded in entering new columns within national media, to secure interviews with Michel-Edouard LECLERC, spokesperson & tycoon of the exhibition, while securing very large visibility within local medias.

In the end, the campaign was even featured in art magazines and praised for the quality of the artwork.

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