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WEBER SHANDWICK, Beijing / ORAL B / 2011

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Worldwide, Oral-B is known as the toothbrush more dentists use, but in India, the brand did not maintain this level of visibility and was determined to close the gap on competitors. Additionally, Nielsen India’s research, commissioned by Oral-B, revealed alarming oral health standards across the country. Turning a misinformed audience of millions into educated consumers would be difficult, especially without any product launches in the immediate future. The team answered this challenge with the Smile India Movement, partnering with dentists to improve oral health nationwide and build Oral-B’s credibility in India.

At the heart of the movement was the Smile India Pledge, calling on consumers to commit to brush properly and see dentists regularly. Educational activities were held in public spaces, schools and malls, and free dental exams were made available in multiple cities.

In three months, the Smile India Movement changed the face of India. Ten million people took the Smile India Pledge, 10,000 dentists registered their support for Smile India through the Indian Dental Association, and a Guinness World Record was set. The movement not only improved oral health standards, it also raised Oral-B’s visibility and immediately increased sales by 20%, while to date, sales have increased 75%.


The campaign ran from October through December 2010, beginning with press conferences in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, where dentists and celebrities unveiled research findings and kicked off the Smile India Movement.

Throughout the campaign, Oral-B toothbrushes came packaged with Smile India Pledges and vouchers for free dental exams. Mall kiosks, road shows, mobile tours and radio promotions (celebrity and dentist sound bites) encouraged visitors to take the pledge and try Oral-B products, and a mobile message service helped consumers find nearby dentists.

Additionally, the team arranged for free dental exams to be conducted through support from the Indian Dental Association, and events at over 22 schools in Mumbai and Delhi reinforced that good habits begin in childhood.

The campaign culminated in a celebration announcing the total number of consumer pledges and participating dentists, and invited media interviewed celebrities who underwent check-ups on camera and extolled values of good oral health.


The Smile India Movement achieved nationwide success, improving oral health standards and increasing Oral-B’s market impact by positioning the company as an ally for this change.- 10 million people took the Smile India Pledge – double expectations.- 10,000+ dentists from the Indian Dental Association supported the campaign, conducting free exams and promoting the movement to both patients and colleagues.- 19,904 free dental exams within 24 hours set a Guinness World Record in Coimbatore city, over six times the previous record of 3,300. This demonstrated that the campaign had truly become a movement of its own, gaining momentum beyond larger targeted cities.- 348 media exposures – more than half in high-impact national print, digital and broadcast outlets – exceeded expectations by one-and-a-half times.Most impressively for a PR-driven campaign, Oral-B sales have since increased by 75%, with an immediate 20% increase during the campaign, compared to the previous quarter.

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