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PEPSICO, Barcelona / CHEETOS / 2022

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The brand purpose of Cheetos is to instigate playful mischief and its most important distinctive assets are its orange colour and the Cheetos dust.

That is why during the last few years, Cheetos in Spain have been leveraging on mischievous behaviour and the Cheetos dust.

So when on the 15th March this year, Spain woke up covered in orange Saharan dust, leaving the South of Spain with sky that was orange and the whole world speaking about it we quickly responded to this event and created an opportunity for the brand.


We came up with an idea to relate the Saharan dust with the Cheetos dust through real- time activation.

Orange dust all over the place? It had to be a Cheetos thing!

We created a social post showing several real pictures of different cities in Spain with the orange sky with a title:

"The new Cheetos campaign has gotten out of hand".


The essence of the idea was reacting whilst this environmental situation was happening, so we needed to act fast, we reached out to our partner Cabroworld who is relevant to our brand and to the audience we wanted to target.

Carboworld own Cabronazi, the most important meme Instagram account in Spain.


11,6 MM followers (8 MM are Spanish)

All of them humour lovers!

With this post, not only we were leveraging on our distinctive brand elements (orange colour and Cheetos dust) but also on our brand purpose, being mischievous and playful.

Plus, the news and the world were talking about this event that it became a trending topic in the media and social we got Cheetos involved in the story.


In only 5 hours we managed to:

- Understand there was an environmental event happening leaving a sky orange across South Spain

- Use this event to create a social idea that fitted perfectly with our brand voice

- Validate it with internal teams (Legal, comms)

- Explain it to our partnership and create a plan to publish

- Create the social post

- Publish it that same day at 14:30!!


• 45,000 likes in the first 15 minutes

4 Million impressions on Instagram

• 2.65 Million impressions on Facebook

• +4.1 Million impressions V target plan

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