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Branded mobile advertising games have always performed poorly, rarely entering the Top 100 charts on the Apple App Store and Google Play. They are generally either over-complicated, gimmicky or just lack fun factor. For that reason, we had to focus on ensuring that our core mechanic was engaging and very simple, with broad casual appeal.

OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk was a global campaign, available in 122 countries. While the main focus was North America, we localized the game for all major markets.

Because of the campaign’s global audience, it was essential that the game complied each country’s laws and guidelines. Due to US regulations concerning overeating and obesity the game could not show the action of the cookies being eaten. We therefore focused on the idea of OREO cookies being dunked into milk instead. We also had to ensure the design was not targeted at children under 12 and that appropriate disclaimers were made in the description, EULA and within the app.

To accommodate different markets, we set up a rich HTML inbox that each country could run their own unique geo-location based competitions and promotions through.


- On the app store the OREO brand was clearly displayed on the icon, and the title accurately reflected the game, so that users understood instantly what it was.

- Popular and addictive game mechanic.

- Free to play model.

- Rich interface.

- Evolving content.

- 25 different cookie varieties discoverable in-game, additional cookies periodically released to mark significant occasions such as the 2013 Super Bowl

- Push notifications:

- E.g. Free football cookie unlock and poll during the Superbowl

- Social channels:

- Facebook: Players can compete with friends online with Facebook leader boards

- Twitter and promotion

- App store features.

- Used a leading game publisher to drive user acquisition.


OREO has experienced overwhelming success with this game. To our knowledge, this is the best performing ‘adver-game’ launched and has received the highest ROI ever for an OREO marketing campaign.

The overall campaign, cost $170,000 USD including all supporting media and production. In the first four months the app has generated close to $100,000 USD and is expected to be cashflow positive in the next six months.

As at March 2013 result highlights are:

- 1 billion OREOs dunked.

- $100,000 USD revenue generated from in-app advertising and virtual OREO cookies sold.

- 25 million games played.

- 40 million minutes spent in app.

- 2.3 million organic downloads.

- 250,000 Peak Daily Active Users.

- #1 overall app in 7 countries.

- #1 in games, family and arcade in 30 countries.

- Top 10 overall app in 36 countries.

- Featured by Apple in 2,270 places.

The above statistics demonstrate that this app was a huge success with consumers. It has received glowing reviews and currently has a 4.5 average rating across both iOS and Android.

The client is thrilled that they now have a more engaged audience with their first mobile game, than their entire Facebook presence.

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