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Otto Desć is Autodesk

AUTODESK, San Francisco / AUTODESK / 2023






Autodesk is a 40-year-old company that offers 140+ products used in AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction), D&M (design and manufacturing), M&E (media and entertainment), and AEX (architecture and engineering education). While they do have competitors, there’s no one else who does everything they do. While best known for AutoCAD, they’re also a massive presence in Hollywood (Maya), gaming (3ds Max), product design (Inventor) and construction (Revit). 90% of what’s in your home was made using Autodesk.

Brief: Take advantage of a big cultural moment to seize attention with key Autodesk audience to raise awareness of Autodesk Parent Brand. In this case, the 95th anniversary of the Oscars. Autodesk software is used in every academy award winning film—a little known fact.


--Generate disproportionate talk value and buzz

--Positive Sentiment exceeds 80%

--Drive search traffic to (our organic traffic has steady 13% YOY decline)

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