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Our Smiles Make Us One (#SenyumSatuIndonesia)

UNILEVER ASIA, Singapore / UNILEVER / 2018

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As a toothpaste used by almost all of 250 M Indonesians, and red and white pack colours that are same as the flag of Indonesia, Pepsodent is a true national icon, protecting Indonesian smiles for 72 years.

Idea: Limited Edition packs, donned with Batik

The Indonesian Batik pattern fabric has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the world’s important cultural traditions in 2009. Batik patterns have a rich history of bringing together different influences, overtime. The root words of Batik; ‘amba’ and ‘tik’ mean ‘to draw’ (amba) and ‘dots’ (tik); represent the idea of connections and togetherness.

If batik forms the fabric of the nation, Pepsodent is her smile.

We donned the batik patterns from Indonesia’s three largest islands, to create 3 limited edition packs that celebrated the unified values of:

Java - Strength & Courage

Sumatra - Generosity & Manners

Kalimantan - Persistency & Resilience


Reinterpreting traditional batik patterns with a modern touch

Patterns in Pepsodent’s signature red and white palette – echoing the colours of the Indonesian flag and representing traditional batik prints – were drawn up. Using just a toothpaste carton and tube as canvas, we created the sophistication of Batik! We integrated the most unique and recognisable sections of the patterns around the Pepsodent brand mark, paying incredible attention to detailing, and putting the same passion of craftsmanship that a Batik weaver puts into design.

The cartons when stacked together on shelf, created a beautiful, striking image of the fabric itself!

On 17th August, Indonesia’s Independence Day, we launched #SenyumSatuIndonesia (Our Smiles Make Us One) through

• Store displays of batik & representatives donning batik-printed uniforms

• Pepsodent 3D video-projection on the façade of the historical monument; Museum Fatahillah

• Nationwide Billboards

• Bite-sized Youtube videos

• Exclusive gift for e-commerce buyers


Objective 1: We reinforced Pepsodent’s standing with Indonesians

• Brand love

- +66% increase in brand mentions

- +200bps increase in market share

Objective 2: We connected meaningfully with our consumers

• Independence Day event

- 1,576,900 estimated exposure

- 1,581 #SenyumSatuIndonesia Instagram posts with Indonesians expressing their love for the nation through Pepsodent and batik

• Reach and impressions

- 1,315,513 impressions in August

- 1,249,698 total engagement on Facebook

- 23,039,700 estimated exposure on Instagram

Objective 3: We used cost-effective medium to create big impact

• Indonesians shown massive excitement towards Pepsodent’s batik packs with comments relating the beauty of batik to culture preservation

- “If the aim is to preserve culture, why it has to be a limited edition?”

- “Ethnic Pepsodent – if all variants are being packed with different cultures, I will be even cooler and happier using the product”

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