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Görtz runs not only in the Alstertal shopping centre as a special children’s shop but also controls many children's sections in Görtz shoe stores all over Germany.In these sections, you will find highly skilled experts, who offer shoes and accessories for children in between the ages of 0 and 12 years.In order to push these children’s sections and popularize them more, it was the task to create a promotion, which will bring up the customer frequency in these sections and win new customers for the Görzt customer card programme.


The colourful Görtz world of birds presents itself in all the Görtz sales areas set aside for children’s shoes. Simple shoelaces were transformed into colourful small worms in the beaks of five lovingly designed bird characters, which served as eye-catching packaging. They show different native types of birds that invite play and collection. The aim, with the help of the packaging as part of the campaign, was to increase customer frequency in the Görtz sales areas for children’s shoes and, at the same time, to win customers for the Görtz store card.


In the past years there have been many promotions with the intention of stimulating the Görtz children’s sections and to win more costumers for the Görtz card. Comparing to the Görtz world of birds all of them were much more complex and resulted in more cost. Regardless of other arrangements, in order to be successful it comes down to new applications for the Görtz costumer card programme.The Görtz world of birds was colourful and eye-catching. It spread the passion of collection, caused hundreds of applications for the Görtz card and was more effective than any promotion before.

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