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Who has not wanted to see what lies beyond a photo, image or certain scene at one time or another? The curiosity to see more than we are shown is an instinct which we all share.

As such, in order to communicate that Volkswagen’s 360° Area View gives the driver a 360º view of their car and its surroundings, providing them with a complete image of the place where they are located, we decided to demonstrate this. We took the covers of the magazines and created an inside cover with a twin photograph from behind. So, when the page is turned, the cover image can be seen, but from a different angle.


Making the most of user interaction, Volkswagen created a twin cover on the inside cover and broke away from the idea of a cover offering a single perspective, allowing the reader to view the same scene as on the cover but from a different angle, and giving them the ability to experience the benefits of having Volkswagen’s 360° Area View assistant.

To achieve this, we worked on the editorial content of the cover in conjunction with the magazine editors, talking to the publication’s photographers and retouchers to generate an ad hoc content to permit a good understanding of the idea.

The magazines with the greatest circulation in Spain read by the target audience were selected and the campaign went to print during the month of March, capitalising on the launch of several Volkswagen models with this technology.


The results could not have been better. We managed to have an impact on 600,000 people, with a lower than normal media investment. We gained notoriety and awareness, surprising our target audience with a memorable interaction in a medium exposed to lots of stimuli. We managed to clearly communicate the benefits of the assistant, positioning it among those most searched for on the Volkswagen website and generating a greater quantity of leads. Furthermore, we obtained 19% more questions about the 360º Area View in dealerships and on social media.

And best of all, we made it so whenever a regular reader of these magazines opens the cover, they want to see what lies behind it.

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