Cannes Lions

Park Acrobat

JUNG von MATT, Hamburg / BMW / 2016







Parking is not a problem for the new BMW 7. With the help of Remote Control Parking, no parking space is too small. But how do you visualize this feature in the showroom and ignite interest for something this new to be experienced in a test-drive? You do it with an entertaining feature-film:

The film begins with a BMW 7 Series parking in a really narrow parking spot. It’s so narrow that you wonder how the driver will ever manage to get out of the vehicle. But then comes the surprising answer. The female driver doesn’t hop out in a normal way. Instead she gets out in the manner of an elastic snake woman, very flexible and elegantly.

After this artistic scene the easy alternative to this extraordinary method is shown. A businessman stands next to his BMW 7 Series and parks the car via the “Remote Control Parking”-function with just a touch on the display of his car key.

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