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FINCH, Sydney / FISHER & PAYKEL / 2014







The new Fisher & Paykel campaign is about real, human moments. Behind every product is a story and that story starts with you. Your home is an expression of who you are and how you enjoy life with others. Fisher & Paykel's passion is creating better experiences that turn everyday routines into experiences. We've all been silenced because of a great meal. We've all hoped that our roast isn't publicly overcooked. We've all waited for our washing machine to let us enjoy our soft stuff anew. By cinematically connecting emotion to circumstance, Fisher & Paykel have created a stunning series of films with real heart.


Fisher & Paykel’s new global brand campaign needed a distinct look and was to be shot in black and white. To heighten this moment, the director wanted to be able to dynamically control the lighting so he could subtly have the backgrounds fall away as the puppy watched its favourite furry friend in the washing machine.

The director developed a completely unique lighting technique to light the set with. Using LED lamps with controllable colour set to 100% Green, Red or Blue, the frame was divided into foreground, mid-ground and background. This was done by bathing the foreground in the green light, the mid-ground in blue and the background in red.

The camera’s RGB sensor recorded these colours to different channels allowing us to grade and manipulate each layer in post to shape and animate the lighting, all with one continuous lighting set up.

We could dynamically over or under expose every channel and have the mid-ground and background fade away seamlessly across a cut. It also allowed us to key away backgrounds to enhance the space, without rotoscoping.

With a limited time to shoot in a multi-million dollar property, the director's innovative technique enabled the shoot to be focused on performance, rather than be distracted by on-set dynamic lighting. It also meant that the piece could be edited in any order with the lighting perfectly matched across cuts.

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