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Pee Rug Posters

HORIZON FCB, Dubai / CLOROX / 2019

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For dog owners, the streets of the city are the ideal toilet for their pets. But dogs have different ideas. Their favorite toilet actually is… your carpet. This unpredictable and unwanted behavior has led to many pet owners giving up on owning their dream carpet, or any carpet for that matter.


Clorox Pet Urine Remover lifts and neutralizes tough pet stains and odors keeping carpets looking clean and smelling great. To remind consumers about these amazing capabilities, we created a series of oriental-inspired handwoven carpet posters that spotlighted typical pet pee spots, therefore prompting people to not let carpets become their dog’s toilet.


By strategically placing the Pee Rug Posters inside pet grooming and pet shops, we grabbed the attention of our target audience in an unexpected and tangible manner, and positioned our product as a solution to a very unpredictable problem.


Taking inspiration from oriental carpets, a much-loved tapestry in the Arabic world, each poster was commissioned and handwoven by local artisans; the incredible artistry and detail used to show off our product's incredible benefits.

The Fire Hydrant and Lamppost designs were picked for obvious reasons: to highlight the typical objects dogs use when nature calls. By merging these two worlds we poked fun at a universal inconvenience while providing a clever solution: Clorox Pet Urine Remover.

By placing the carpets inside pet and grooming shops, we visualized our target audience's problem in a unique and memorable manner. Upon interaction, they were immediately confronted with this every day problem and fear, but at the same time, also inspired to take action and fight back using Clorox Pet Urine Remover.


The Clorox Pee Rug Poster series reestablished pet owners' faith in carpets and dogs living in harmony, and provided a solution for something many pet owners have unfortunately learned to live with. The insightful and memorable message made pet owners feel empowered and appreciated, while evoking genuine laughter.

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