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Y&R, New York / DELL / 2014

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Case Film
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This is the story of the surprising humble beginnings of some of the world great companies. Those that began much the same way Dell did, in a dorm room in 1984.


With the Velocity Project, we skipped the traditional expected case study video and instead created a hands-on experience that dramatically demonstrated the power of data and data storage. We believe it’s the first experiences of its kind that shows people exactly how data makes a racecar go fast.


Just recently launched, we don’t have quantitative results to share quite yet for The Velocity Project. However, at Dell World, the company’s biggest annual event drawing thousands of people across both business and technology arenas, The Velocity Project received universal rave reviews for “reinventing the way case studies can be told” and it looms as a sea change for Dell in terms of how the companiy’s B-to-B marketing communications are perceived by potential customers going forward.

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