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VIZEUM DENMARK, Copenhagen / PEUGEOT / 2012







With eBay, who owns and operates the two largest used car sites in Denmark, we product developed a real time behavioral database and linked it with their partner network with more than 55% reach of the Danish online population.

First, we created a setup based on the real user behavior on their sites: when a user is searching for a used car on an eBay owned site we place the user in the database. Then, we continuously real time categorised Peugeot’s model range and the corresponding car models from competitors into six segments. Every time, someone searches for a used car, the request is matched with a Peugeot in the searched for price range.Based on the users in our data base we are able to run banner-campaigns through the ebay partner network targeted solely towards users in any of the 6 identified segments actively searching for a used car.


Based on cookies, we are able to identify 3 different segments. One segment which we technically could establish hadn’t seen the campaign, our control group. Another segment which had only seen the normal non targeted banner campaign. And finally a segment which had only seen the targeted banners.The results showed that we by targeting the right users with the right message were able to increase ad awareness with index 149, brand awareness with index 147 and finally the campaign was even able to lift the preference to index 180 compared to the control group.

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