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Peugeot Expert

HAVAS LEMZ, Amsterdam / PEUGEOT / 2017

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The new Peugeot Expert is the result of pure craftsmanship. This campaign is a celebration of craftsmanship. The world of our target group, the experts of tiling, plumbing, plastering etc. is about eye for detail, perfection and use of the best materials. We challenged craftsmen to craft the Expert campaign themselves. It means we take our target group as serious as you can. We trusted them to make our campaign and gave them a stage to show their skills.

Using their specific skills they constructed spectacular billboards. But their impact reached beyond the streets. It gave us great content for social media: the making of, the spectacular end-result and the reactions in the street. The experts who crafted the billboards posted their ‘work’ as well, acting as an ambassador for themselves as well as for the Peugeot Expert. Target group and Peugeot found eachother in their celebration of craftsmanship.

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