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DEUTSCH, Los Angeles / SONY / 2010

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Killzone 2 was a much hyped and much maligned game going into the launch. The game was teased years before completion and met with enthusiasm, until gamers realised the footage shown wasn't actual footage (CG representation). We had to launch what would be an amazing graphical experience to an audience that felt the game had to be manipulated to make it look great. And drive sales & sell consoles.Our audience is gamers who love first person shooters. The thrill & immersive quality of game play is important and we had the most visually exquisite First Person Shooter ever. Superior graphics were the heart and soul of this new game and we had to creatively illustrate this. We launched with an unprecedented 'playable ad' where users could take control of the game engine, among other channels.


We launched this game promotion with an unprecedented “playable ad.” PSN users could download the spot and take control of the game engine playing it in 4 different modes - speakers talked about the creation of the spot and quality of the game, while viewing it within different visual filters to show how the spot was created. Users could pause the spot and view the action from different angles. In TV, we feature one second of gameplay footage following the trajectory of a single bullet slowed down over thirty seconds to showcase the action and realistic graphics of the game.


-Sales were raised by 37% and delivered over twice the web traffic to the official game site vs all of 2008.

-At campaign completion, an increase of 137% in PS3 games that had been sold, vs 2008 -At one month, a lift of 136% in games sold, vs 2008 -122% of sales goals were achieved over 3-months-MLB’09 pages on gaming sites received 1.28MM unique visitors during campaign flight. This exceeded MLB’08 numbers by 153% -Banner interaction rates were 2.62%, 557% above MLB’08 work of 0.47% -During the campaign, the official game site received 540,111 views, vs 191,526 in 08.

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