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GREY, Singapore / BOSE / 2018


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Brief from the client:

The Bose Soundlink Mini 2 was being phased out and the Revolve and Revolve+ were the new wireless hero products that had to be showcased to the world.

Previous communication about the Revolve wasn't cutting it with the consumers because it felt like the brand was beating its own drum. The consumers had to be convinced, entertained and the claims had to be legitimized.


This film turns a bunch of actual consumer reviews of the Bose Soundlink Revolve speakers into musical content. The reviews were sourced from across the world from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and eBay and were then sung out and stitched together to form one musical track.


Hundreds of reviews of the product were gathered from across the world. To do that - we scoured Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and eBay and then shortlisted the most interesting reviews.

The next step was to contact the author of each review for permission to use the review.

Once we were given the green light, we sung out each review in different musical styles and stitched them together to form one musical track.

From the time we were awarded the project to the time we completed it took 2 months and it ran in Japan, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Which meant collecting reviews from Japan and China to make the other 2 versions besides the English one.

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