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“Inter/Sections” is the meeting of two different disciplines to form a new, disruptive innovation, with the Porsche Panamera representing the intersection of luxury and sports car performance to create a new class of vehicle. The Panamera challenges the traditional perception that success is found by boring indefinitely down one track to create incremental improvements. This campaign examines and confirms that when concepts seem disparate but become complementary when combined, the results can be thrilling, changing the face of innovation altogether. We used video, written and 3D/VR storytelling to explore places where ideas converge to form something wholly original, unique and disruptive.


The aggressive program timeline ran from 12/12/2016, launching 2/20/2017. A custom content destination invites audiences to explore the idea of Intersections with compelling essays, videos and 3D/VR renderings which allow users to interact with the Panamera inside and out. The content immerses audiences in this dynamic experience within the context of architecture, gastronomy, and sports, while positioning the Panamera as central to the narrative. To examine talent converging with technology, influencers are invited to join in discussion with leading journalists and scientists, and test drive the Panamera at an event in LA.

Ads were placed in print and digital editions, followed with short-form content pieces in rich media units that drive to the hub, and promote each Intersection topic and the Panamera with rotating 3D models embedded. Placements include desktop units, mobile-only media (in-scroll), high-impact expandables, and video placements (pre-roll), for an 8-week campaign.


Media unit creative is refreshed weekly, successfully preventing fatigue: an above-benchmark number of returning visitors are spending much longer on the site compared to first-time visitors. Constant A/B testing and optimizations were implemented to maximize the Porsche media investment.

Measured at only one-quarter through the the media run, the program has received exemplary results:

Total Visitors: 42% of program goal

Unique Visits: 42% of program goal

Pageviews: 47% of program goal

Pageviews/Visit: 50% higher than average

Total Avg. Media CTR: 67% higher than benchmark

3D/VR models: Over 1.5 million engagements and counting

Porsche Panamera models are in the top 10 all-time for engagement with 3D/VR models on the Sketchfab platform, just 3 weeks after release.

Video completion rates are some of the strongest we’ve noted, exceeding all benchmarks, at 193% higher than our editorial video completion benchmark, and increasing week over week.

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