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TBWA\HELSINKI, Helsinki / NESTE / 2016

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Fossil fuels, especially oil, amount to 70% of climate change. We depend on oil in transportation, logistics, heating and energy production, but also in materials: all plastic is made of oil.

How can we stop using oil without giving up our modern way of life?

Neste Oil, a Finnish oil refining company, developed an innovative solution: fuel and plastic manufactured from waste, without oil.

These renewable alternatives (there's never a shortage of waste!) have an almost inexistent carbon footprint. Thus switching from oil-based fuel and plastic to renewables would mean a significant change for the better.

Neste Oil briefed us to get the world talking about these innovations.

Although previously internationally unknown, Neste Oil set ambitious objectives: 25 articles in relevant international publications, 767 000 visitors at (especially global corporations using fossil fuel or plastic, municipalities and thought leaders), and most importantly, a 30% increase in brand value.


The core of the content campaign is The page introduced the product/service concepts, invited users to comment on them and suggest new ones. The site also served as a platform for articles on topics from Pokémon GO to the first flight between USA and Cuba.

The concepts were developed and investigated together with Neste, Prince Ea and Aalto University. Several press releases about the product concepts were published in various markets.

The site's users' cookies were used for retargeting: those who read articles about the holographic concept were later exposed to education related content etc.

Campaign video content was shared on Neste's own and Prince Ea's channels, mainly YouTube and Facebook. It was also seeded to several content pages, channels and groups.

Once the campaign went viral on social media, press releases about the "viral hit" were seeded to traditional media.

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