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TBWA\HELSINKI, Helsinki / NESTE / 2017

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Neste, a renewable energy company, found a way to manufacture diesel and plastic from renewable raw materials, without crude oil. However, there were problems in spreading the word about the groundbreaking products.

Not many companies or consumers knew about the existence of renewable alternatives, and consequently could not buy or demand for them. Neste decided to tackle the problem by creating the products of the future, today.

In the content campaign called Pre-order the Future, Neste pre-ordered the future on all levels: it created futuristic products (e.g. headphones controlled by brainwaves, a delivery service running on renewable fuel etc.), collaborated and created viral content with futurologist and environmentalist Prince Ea, envisioned the future uses of renewables on behalf of our future clients as well as innovated new content reactively for the campaign – like a brand of the future does.

Our strategy was simple. We produced content in collaboration with an influencer to a global b-to-c audience, which found our message interesting. To a global b-to-b audience, the potential clients, we retargeted more specific information and facts about the renewable materials Neste produces.

The campaign became global news, with over 700 articles written, and earned media exceeding 18,000,000€. Thousands of relevant corporations and universities visited the campaign page, including Fortune 500 companies like GE, Toyota and FedEx, and potential clients like Ikea, KLM and Tesla.

Campaign impressions, brand value and market cap went through the roof in only six months. Brand value increased by 45% (to 618,000,000€), market cap grew from 6BN€ to 10BN€ and impressions exceeded 3 billion.

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