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Offering flame-grilled burgers, Burger King's clientele is primarily male. We wanted to reach families and women as new target groups. So we looked for a topic that resonates with the target group and gives us the opportunity to talk authentically about "made to order" (all WHOPPER Sandwiches are prepared fresh) and "Mach Dein King” (the German version of our “have it your way" Claim) which means you can customize your Sandwich in any way you like.


To show everyone that all of our WHOPPER Sandwiches are custom made to order, we've turned our attention to one of the most crazy pop culture food myths: pregnancy cravings.

Do they really exist? And if so, what exactly do pregnant women want to eat? And are the combinations really so unusual? To get maximum attention, we chose Mother's Day for our promotion, but at the same time we decided to implement it in a way that - typical Burger King - is completely different from the usual communication of other brands on this day.

We wanted to firstly clarify once and for all with a representative study whether pregnancy cravings are just a pop culture myth, or reality and secondly offer all pregnant women the most common pregnancy cravings as individual sandwiches. And create a fun opportunity for Momfluencers and the press to generate content and spread our message.


The strategy of our idea was to create relevant content around the topic of pregnancy cravings through different starting points. In this way, we wanted to increase the likelihood of being shared on social media and in the press.

Pregnancy cravings as a pop culture hook made the whole thing entertaining and relatable.

Our representative study scientifically proved that pregnancy cravings are not a myth. We also found out exciting facts around the eating habits of pregnant women. This creates relevance for Momfluencers and press with a focus on families, moms and lifestyle.

With our action in the restaurant and the exclusive burger creations, we created the perfect ambience for user-generated content for Momfluencers and Influencers. With daily news in a slightly different way.


In a representative study, we interviewed over 1,000 expectant mothers and analyzed over 30,000 data points. The clear result: pregnancy cravings are real!

Of course we published our study, but we also created recipes for our WHOPPER from the most common cravings.

As an invitation to all moms-to-be and a surprising Mother's Day greeting, we filmed some of the interviews and made social media assets out of them.

On Mother's Day, more assets were published with the findings of our study and entertaining quotes from the pregnant women.

In addition, a selected restaurant in Berlin (the city with the highest birth rate in Germany) was decorated especially for expectant mothers and young families in the style of our promotion.

There, all pregnant women could enjoy our special pregnancy WHOPPER treats for free on Mother's Day - and share content about it.


Our agenda surfing Mother’s Day stunt and the ads leading up to it did exactly what we planned for them to do: They made people (and especially pregnant women, moms) aware of the topic while telling the world what we intend to do about it.

Preparing WHOPPERs, that are – while seeming bizarre – perfectly suited to fulfill the cravings of our pregnant guests.

Our guests liked the idea as well as the WHOPPERs very much. The film of our Mother’s Day activation was also very popular online – and our idea was widely discussed in on- and offline media – giving us the “buzz” and impact we were hoping to archive.

Our INFLUENCER REACH was 665,000, total SOCIAL MEDIA REACH was 554,000 and the PR REACH came up to whopping 225.1 MILLION! We are very happy with our results but mostly, because our pregnant guests loved our Pregnancy WHOPPERs.

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