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IPSOS IOTX, Amsterdam / PROCTER & GAMBLE / 2012






P&G Prestige has established a goal to become the largest beauty company in the world, with the most compelling in-store approaches. To achieve this,P&G commissioned us in early 2011 to create a research solution that can assist them in the development and market testing of their in-stores strategies. This new product, the Ipsos i60 app, has proven successful in enabling P&G to take advantage of innovative, next-generation technology by sending target consumers on customized shopper missions with designated tasks to complete. With the Beauty i60 app, P&G can now conduct quantitative research projects that will deliver the same insight and value that was previously only accessible via qualitative methods. Furthermore, the Beauty i60 app increases shoppers engagement levels and, as a result, their willingness to participate in future research.How does it work?•We recruit the target audience, including specified quota groups, among current iPhone owners who regularly purchase products in the category being tested.

•Respondents are asked to install the Beauty i60 App from iTunes and activate it when they are in a shopping area.

•The Beauty i60 app then directs the respondents to the nearest designated store for this assignment.

•Next, the Beauty i60 app sends them on a shopper mission, to be completed within 60 minutes. Typically, the client will ask the respondents to browse a specific category, from which they are instructed to purchase a product.

•For the final step, respondents complete a short questionnaire, conducted on the Beauty i60 app, about their shopping experience. In addition to a rating of the overall shopping experience, questions cover the product purchased, brand expectations, ease of finding the product, overall branding awareness, marketing initiatives and other areas specific to the project.

How does P&G benefit from the Beauty i60 app?In partnering with Ipsos, P&G was able to:•Benchmark vs. competitive cosmetic brands the shopper experience of buying luxury cosmetics, allowing them to identify key areas for improvement that can have a direct impact on future sales.

•Compare product differentiations based on the type of store (Department stores vs. Perfumeries), enabling P&G to optimize the range of eyes/lips/face products on offer.

•Assess which campaigns/in-store marketing efforts are having the most impact and which ones needed improving.•Understand their customers’ behaviour through an innovative and dynamic research product that delivers solutions in real-time and at a cost-savings from traditional methods.

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