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Progress never stops

KS IDEA, Seoul / AUDI / 2018

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Having searched for ‘Cultural Moment’ which will re-attract Korean customers, 2018 Winter Olympics had come around.

The Winter Olympics being the second Olympic games since the 1988 Summer Olympics, there lied a great opportunity to show Korea’s 30 years of development and progress.

It perfectly matched Audi’s brand value, ‘Vorsprung durch technique’.

Not having been an official sponsor of the Olympics, the ‘Hoop Boy’ from the 1988 Olympic games who had a significant impact on everyone’s memory had arose to meet Audi’s needs.

He turned out great to a 38-year-old actor with good looks.

The hoop was an excellent catalyst to be associated with the Audi’s 4 rings.

The campaign was constructed in a way to convey the message, “progress never stops’ through variety of communication channels with grown up hoop boy, Mr. Yoon.


Under the concept of 'Progress Never Stops', Audi implemented 3 types of advertising campaign; TVC, Digital, and Offline Event.

The Brand Campaign started with TVC on December 1st 2018, and it ended on February 28th 2018 with Digital Film.

TVC was placed on major channels in Korea such as MBC, SBS, and JTBC.

Digital Film was placed on various channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram that allowed people can easily share the contents.

The Offline Event was placed on Dong-A il bo Channel A square_1, Gwanghwamun in Seoul that located in the middle of Seoul where many people gathers.

Audi also created an emoji and introduced on Kakaotalk, which is the most popular Chat application in Korea.

As implementing various types of advertising campaign, the scale of the 'Progress Never Stops' campaign was huge, and it successfully announced Audi's back on market by delivering adverting campaigns frequently in short time.


Through the 'Progress Never Stops' brand campaign, Audi successfully came back to the market. Koreans recognized that Audi re-started its business after few years of the difficult time.

The campaign was also successfully delivered to numerous target audiences.

The GRPs of TVC recorded 503, and recorded 77.9% of Reach.

The total view of 'Progress Journey' and the viral film of the Offline Event reached 8,373,687.

2,033 of people participated the Offline Event: Audi MR Experience, and 21,052 of people downloaded the emoji of Audi.

In various types of impressions, Koreans could easily notice that Audi has came back to the market. In addition, Audi delivered the message of 'Progress Never Stops' by creating different types of campaign under the one key message.

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