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2 main challenges stand out in Spain in “Branded Entertainment:”

(1) 2 TV groups with four channels each make Spain’s TV scenario a hard duopoly. Competition is fierce and convincing one of the 2 groups to air branded entertainment is an almost impossible task (more so during prime time (PT)). None of the two can afford a slight decrease in ratings. Premium content is a must!

(2) Legal restrictions are also slowing the process. Branded Content can be very restricted (by law) within TV programming. However, once A3 agreed to air Honda Psicodriving as part of their programming, it allowed Honda to benefit from several promotions across the grid with incredible brand presence. Because it aired as promo of the program, we legally showcased several screens of the exterior of the car where the Civic logo was clearly identified.

The Spanish TV advertising market is extremely cluttered; “never-ending” 20-minute commercial blocks (40+ ads). Yet, we stood out providing best in class entertainment with a bit of humour. We became the 1st automotive brand to benefit from powerful engaging Branded Entertainment. The second season of Honda’s Psicodriving is already airing! Not only on a higher ranked network, but also within a better PT slot!


Honda increased the price of the new Honda Civic. Therefore, the brand needed to focus on an older, more affluent but still “young at heart” male target, “Kidults”. These guys are going through personal changes and often find it difficult to express their feelings and problems.

Also, these “kidults” are not swayed by conventional advertising and are tired of watching aspirational spots that don’t relate to their day-to-day lives. They do appreciate when a brand talks to them “peer to peer” and is able to provide innovative and modern solutions to their needs. Psicodriving was designed to give them the answer.


Psicodriving was a MEDIA FIRST for Spain. No other automotive brand had done anything close to this, and earned exposure during the first 2 weeks of the campaign was unprecedented.

Each episode was watched by over 2m viewers, with the final one reaching almost 3m , and the Facebook app got over 1,300 ‘Kidults’ to ‘psychoanalyze’ themselves.

Target traffic to dealers increased 14% vs. previous Quarter, and the show impacted the purchase funnel, with awareness up 6%, purchase consideration up 2%, and brand (model) recall jumping a record-breaking 36% vs. 2011.

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