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The aim was launch the new brand campaign ‘Forever Faster' India in the most impactful way. Usain Bolt first visit in India had to be made special for India and for Usian Bolt. To ensure that every stakeholder who will be impacted, had the experience of Usian Bolt and PUMA in the most exciting way possible.

We wanted to give different stakeholders in India such as the running community, media, consumers in the digital space, cricket fans, children (the future of running), and the party people an experience of Usian Bolt like never before - All to be done in a very short span of time - 8 hours. Organized a press conference for the launch of PUMA's new brand campaign, a cricket face off of Usain Bolt and Yuviraj Singh (Battle of the legends), organized a meet and greet with contest winners in the RV.

5 lucky winners who were chosen via a digitally led contest were picked up along the way and taken to PUMA Social Club.Covering the fun and versatile aspect - Bolt spent few hours interacting with contest winners along with celebrities and select audience at PUMA Social Club.PR Coverage worth an outstanding 300 Mn INR,The Times of India,Deccan Herald,Deccan chronicle with Front Page along with full sports page on the Bolt Visit,over a million organic views online, a significant growth of 44% sales in a period of 18 days [like to like comparison of last year] in the number of units sold.


Press note dissemination on Bolt's visit,customized invites for media &running community,online influencers were asked to tweet & FB fans to send their best Bolt pose & win a chance to #CatchBolt as a pre build up.On the day of his visit-

12:30 pm-press conference where Bolt officially launched PUMA’s Forever Faster brand campaign in India along with one to one with running community/media.

2:30 pm-Last February,PUMA promised a bunch of runners from schools across India,chance to meet Bolt.The winners interacted with the legend.

4:30 pm-Bolt showcased his cricketing talent at a one of a kind friendly cricket face off with cricketer Yuviraj Singh for the first time ever in front of an enthusiastic crowd.This gave a photo opp for front page headlines & news content for prime time slots in TV.

6:00 pm-Meet & greet with digital contest winners.

7:00 pm-Bolt spent interacting with winners & celebrities with select audience at PUMA Social Club.


Output/Awareness-PR Coverage worth almost an outstanding 300 Mn INR - Print 267 Mn INR, TV 3.5 Mn INR, Online 21.2 Mn INR. Coverage on Star Sports leading into India vs England, 5th ODI, one of the highest rated cricketing properties. The Times of India, Deccan Herald, Deccan chronicle-Front Page along with full sports page on Bolt Visit.

Covered 16 times in front page by various print media in the country. NDTV highly reputed news channels covered a 24 minute live coverage of the press conference.

Knowledge/Consideration-Bolt and PUMA mentions in all the coverage pieces,100% tier 1 media coverage penetration

Action/Business impact -Share of voice in media like no other sports wear brand in India has ever garnered.Over 1 million organic views online.100+ million of digital impressions.A significant growth of 44% sales in a period of 18 days [like to like comparison of last year] in the number of units sold

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