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DDB ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires / PUMA / 2010

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Puma Lift, the lightest footwear. But, lighter than what? Than Tom Selleck’s moustache? Lighter than a Victoria Secret’s model? We asked people. What weighs more?We created a game, 100% viral, with presence on the website,, and on the highest rated afternoon radio show. Every day, the five most voted combinations were weighed on the radio and then, uploaded these videos on the website to create more participation. We also wanted to know what 'light' meant to our audience, so we created four viral videos that inspired the audience to create their own video and win a MacBook Air.


•Argentina became the country with highest Puma Lift sales•65,320 visits on the website•Average stay: 1 minute, 30 seconds•47% of log ins were referred from other sites

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