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Strategically we identified that our product had to have mass appeal. It couldn’t be the health insurance for super-athletes. In reality we were going to reward people for moving.

And the most basic movement people make daily, is walking.

To demonstrate how we would rewarding people for walking, we enlisted Academy Award-winning actor Christopher Walken to show Australians how to ‘Earn Qantas Points walk’n, like Christopher Walken’.

Through our development of a series of different films we showed how Walken could earn points walk’n, runn’n, box’n, climb’n, garden’n, scor’n and dance’n. Our audience could then simply decide how they’d earn their points through the type of activity they do every day.

This was supported by a stills shoot showing Walken in four ‘hero’ activities: walk’n, run’n, danc’n and garden’n. We went out on channels including TV, cinema, outdoor, press, social media, apps, targeted display and email.


We started with a soft launch in November 2015, to get people excited that a new type of insurance was on the way. This included an announcement made by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and QFF CEO Lesley Grant.

Our creative went live on 4th April 2016, starting with:

• Airport placements (In terminal and aerobridge) across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra

• Digital display and social

• PR and press

• TV and cinema

• Email

From April-May, paid outdoor ran, including in-transit such as bus shelters and train stations, large format billboards and consecutive street furniture. These were supported by an ongoing SEM spend, digital display retargeting, and email lifecycle for users who had dropped off the purchase funnel.

Our strategic approach also involves an end of financial year burst with refreshed creative to capture an Australian audience who would be in search of insurance products ahead of tax time.


Understandably for such a new product, the results are hyper-confidential. However, in less than 30 days:

• Our creative reached over 11m people – that’s almost half the Australian population

• Qantas beat their target for new customer enquiries by 213%

• We achieved a CPA 45% lower than planned and 65% lower than industry benchmarks

In fact, after just one week we recorded enough steps taken by members to circle the globe twice.

And we did it all with a fraction of the traditional media spend of our competitors.

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