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SOCIETY, Sydney / SAMSUNG / 2017

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Samsung is Australia’s favourite television brand thanks to their commitment to innovation. Their flagship product launches aren’t designed to move stock; rather, they’re designed to position Samsung as a truly pioneering industry leader.

The Samsung QLED TV is Samsung’s best TV to date, and one of the most anticipated pieces of technology of 2017. The revolutionary QLED TV is powered by quantum dot technology, which can produce more than a billion shades so that HDR content appears with perfect colour and mesmerising realism.2

Samsung’s challenge was to communicate this technological leap to consumers.


Samsung tasked the agency with creating a premium product experience and amplifying it through social media. This experience, whatever form it took, needed to introduce consumers, media members and influencers to the power of the quantum dot.


- Launch Samsung’s QLED TV and increase product awareness

- Develop consumers’ understanding of quantum dot technology


Over the four day activation, Samsung QLED Live was an interactive, evocative journey through quantum dot technology.

A media launch on the first night saw retailers, industry figureheads, media personalities and other guests of Samsung experience the emotional power of the technology for themselves.

Our space then held publisher events coordinated through our media agency, from Vice, Mashable, Roar, and Women’s Health. Live panels and performances celebrated creative expression and facilitated conversations about the impact of technological innovation. These events were then promoted through each publisher’s channels; The agency styled the venue to be a natural fit for each publisher, ensuring that Samsung’s message was delivered seamlessly to their target audiences.

Handpicked, targeted influencers attending the event shared their experience of perfect colour, and our guests – over 500 of them – were inspired by the emotional impact of colour to create a vast suite of UGC.

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