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ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / QUAKER / 2023

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There are millions of children suffering from malnutrition in Latin America. To help change the lives of these children, Quaker used all its expertise to create a cookie rich in oats and other essential nutrients. That was the start of the Quaker Qrece Program, which partners with local NGOs to distribute the cookies and monitor the development of each child. An activation campaign aligned with the brand purpose, to truly change people’s lives from within. To engage people, a magical animated universe was created. A fairy tale in which the protagonist – based on a real girl – has to face the challenges of malnutrition. In the end, people can donate to help the NGOs reach even more children and make the program go farther.


After years of research, the solution was to use Quaker's expertise to develop a super-nutritious cookie, made with oats and essential vitamins, for kids suffering from malnutrition. From this super cookie, the Quaker Qrece Program was born, in partnership with different NGOs in each Latin American country. To get people engaged and raise funds for the NGOs to reach more children, we created a fairy tale in which children could identify with the story of a malnourished girl.


The program started officially in Guatemala, with the video being released on Quaker's social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Today it has also been released in Mexico. As the project is a perennial program, the campaign is still live, working to call attention, engage, and raise funds for the NGOs in each market. Regarding the digital campaign, while the 3D characters were created based on real people helped by the program, the setting was entirely adapted using stop-motion techniques, during three days of shooting. The region's ethnic and cultural references were respected, including 30 different plant species in miniature. Over 50 artists and professionals from three different Latin American countries worked on the project.

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