Rave reviews! Bringing back the 90s for Trainspotting 2

OMD UK, London / SONY / 2017

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Trainspotting was back with a sequel! Trainspotting being such a cult movie, the expectations around the sequel were high and we had to overcome the challenges that came with that; primarily the age of the audience and the UK nuance of the movie. After 20 years, an entire generation had been born and raised missing out on what it really meant to live in the “Choose life…” era. Secondly, the British sense of humour, tone of voice and cult following were not guaranteed to resonate amongst our International audiences. Both were challenges that could have a serious impact on the Box Office success of the film. In order to generate awareness for T2 internationally, we needed to connect with younger audiences and rejuvenate the franchise.


By working with Boiler Room, we were able to capitalize on their global social reach and access iconic talent. Goldie, Sasha and Modeselektor elevated the packed crowds into a state of euphoria. Live-streams and social engagement kept those at home on the edge of their seats, as people posted how desperately they wished they were there. There was so much anticipation around the event that we gave a couple of lucky winners the chance to fly to Berlin to attend the both the screening of the film and the event itself.

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